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What Our Customers Are Saying

Just what I was looking for. What a great product at a great price. Excellent for outdoorsy types- Eyefolds's has you covered.

James K.

Just purchased the Vice, can't wait for my designer shades! I have a trip I've planned this summer, and can't wait to carry My Eyefolds!

Tracy P.

I'm the worst at loosing sunglasses, especially the expensive ones. I waited a whole year to replace a pair I lost. Eyefolds just has exactly what! 

Jaime S.

Easiest Sunglasses to carry with you, soooooo convenient to use and great styles. Love these.

Stephanie T.

Great Idea, Great selection, Great Prices, Great Job.

Rick B

Never bought a pair of folding glasses before but thought I would try these. I'm glad I did. Didn't realize how much I would like these until I started using them. Put them in my pocket, no problem. Pouch is great thought. Site is really cool, easy to shop and buy. 

Sam G

Took these glasses on spring break and another expensive pair, lost the expensive ones, won't take anything else next year. Dope shades Eyefolds.